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Our Team

We are a passionate team of storytellers and brand builders. Our deep understanding of business, complementary skills, and commitment to our clients ensure relevance and impact.

van Schoor

Zesti about brands and everything that makes them powerful!

A fascinating career in PR, Internal Communications, Marketing, Brands, Consulting and a passion for technology culminated in founding Zesti Brand Stories CC.


"My 20-year journey with Free To Grow fueled my passion for people and their growth. The power of a great brand starts within its people and then through the stories it tells - internally and externally."


An ideator and creative wordsmith with a passion for building brands!


“I believe that story-telling has the power to connect the purpose and vision of a brand with its customer in a way that captures attention, drives growth, and delivers results."


As a story strategist, I work to understand business goals and consumer needs to plan, develop and deliver zesti content that brings the two together.”

A purposeful partnership designed to deliver exceptional value

Zesti has a great ecosystem of partners. Our extensive and talented network covers many different facets of design and marketing content creation.


This unique combination of experience and skills provides you with seamless, integrated solutions to enhance the potential and performance of your people and your business.

Zesti is fuelled by an agile, multi-skilled team of creative collaborators

Kyle Kingsley Green

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Hennie Britzz

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Leigh Champanis-King

Kundai Sasha Sunduz


Robin Cox

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