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Do you want to intensify your brand’s unique essence?


Are you looking for partners with deep insight into people, relationships and business who take the time to truly understand your needs?

From a holistic understanding of your brand’s story, we will work closely with you to position your brand for lasting impact.

...Unleashing the power of your brand

Our Brand Ps

Our Brand P's

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The team


An ideator and creative wordsmith with a passion for building brands!

I believe that story-telling has the power to connect the purpose and vision of a brand with its customer in a way that captures attention, drives growth and delivers results. "


As a story strategist I work to understand business goals and consumer needs to plan, develop and deliver zesti content that brings the two together.”


  • Degree in Organisational Psychology

  • Diploma in Journalism

  • Masters in Development Studies

van Schoor
Kim Profile.png

Zesti about brands and everything that makes them powerful!

A fascinating career in PR, Internal Communications, Marketing, Brands, Consulting and a passion for technology has culminated in co-founding Zesti Brand Stories CC.

My 20-year journey with Free To Grow fueled my passion for people and their growth. The power of a great brand starts within its people and then through the stories it tells - internally and externally.



  • Diploma in Communication and PR

  • Countless courses


Our clients

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Our Work

Our Work

Rave Reviews

Rave reviews

Melanie Kiley
Director, CreateConsulting


Working with Zesti is an absolute pleasure. They are a group of smart creatives, enthusiastic and passionate about their work and their clients.


Being a busy leadership consultancy, we did not have the capacity to focus on our marketing and brand communication. We reached out to Zesti, who listened intently to our brief and asked many questions, investing much time and energy in understanding our needs, brand and ethos. Zesti helped us craft our brand story and supported us in a full brand and website refresh exercise. They guided us in developing a more meaningful presence on the right social media platforms suited to our business.


We value their flexibility and how they adapt their approach to supporting us in the best way possible. They are extremely professional, efficient and consistently deliver on their commitments and promises. Where there has been a need to re-contract with us based on our changing requests, Zesti has done so with great clarity and a deep desire to deliver excellence.


Kim, and Simone go above and beyond our expectations and it has been awesome working with them. We can highly recommend Zesti as a skilled, committed and professional team of brand thinking partners! 

Samkelo Blom,
CEO, Nomatu Consulting

“Truly excited to be partnering with Zesti in redefining our website and digital client interaction. I’m humbled by the time you took to understand Nomatu’s values and business proposition.

Our calling to be game changers in Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is something you appreciate.


Thank you for listening and bringing solutions that are a custom fit for our realities. Iyabulela ilali.”

Tjaart Minnaar,
Director, GameChangers


“Zesti is not about bells and whistles. When working with them on developing the GameChangers brand they focused deeply on our purpose as a company – it felt like they were part of our team.

The branding solution they provided us with is therefore directly aligned with what we want to achieve, it adds value
and is effective.”

Hennie Brittz,
Director, 2Collaborate


“The Zesti team developed our branding solution through a deep understanding of our brand.
They took the time to truly see things from our perspective and then created a solution that will grow our brand in the long term.”


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